Meridian Asset Services delivers unprecedented value to investors and loan servicers who need specialized property and mortgage asset services, exceptional data management and easy access to the information that's necessary for optimal decision making.

Gain insight from a company with substantive, focused experience; for over ten years, Meridian has focused solely on maximizing the performance of mortgage and real estate portfolios. 
Meridian combines superior data management and systems capabilities with a world-class staff. With extensive industry knowledge and a commitment to customized strategies, Meridian delivers services that help you reach the highest level of success. 
Reach the highest 
level of success!

Meridian can add value to any transaction or process involved with mortgage loans or real estate. Because this business is our focus, we can offer expertise that contributes directly to your bottom line—and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 
REO Asset Management
Valuation Services
You can expect:
 A sophisticated understanding of the industry • Meticulous attention to detail• High-touch programs, tailored for you• Integrated services driven by advanced technology Easy access to insightful information 
Due Diligence
Portfolio Management
Servicer Oversight
Data Management
Loan and REO Oversight Management Software
Meridian Asset Services
Integrated Solutions. Tailored Strategies. Optimal Outcomes.
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