Data Management

We aggregate data across a large number of sources including loan servicers, diligence, valuation, credit, client purchase and macroeconomic providers.  To uncover the data issues that are so often found with loan data, Meridian’s proprietary business rule engine performs data checks and extrapolates missing data points to overcome the deficiencies.Meridian’s data quality team reviews and resolves each item identified. Then we make all of it available through a Web-based platform; this anytime access to quality data empowers decision makers with the rich, reliable information they need to excel.

Loan and REO Oversight 
Management Software

Get the transparency and flexibility you need to be exceptionally prepared. Meridian has a history of success customizing data management solutions that help portfolio and asset managers handle unique situations and specialized programs.

The key to Meridian’s successful loan and REO oversight management software is an integrated workflow and task-tracking module. Powered by a flexible and customizable rules engine, our system ensures that every asset gets the attention it needs. Each asset is evaluated on a regular basis as new information becomes available—and actionable items are directed to the responsible parties.
Meridian Asset Services
Integrated Solutions. Tailored Strategies. Optimal Outcomes.
Web-based technology promotes asset-level transparency.

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