In 2000, Karen Riffe founded Mortgage Data Resources (MDR) to provide oversight and analysis on a $480 million pool of assets for a major Wall Street investor. Riffe knew that success depended upon her ability to analyze pool performance and identify servicer and asset level issues; to that end, MDR developed a database that could deliver valuable insight and transparency.   Riffe established Meridian Asset Services in 2007 to bring the same level of substantive value to clients who seek asset management expertise and to those who can benefit from the power of customized strategies. In 2009, Mortgage Data Resources merged into Meridian Asset Services—and today, Meridian employs over 120 professionals and has provided oversight and asset management on over 70,000 assets including over 12,000 Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. 

About Meridian Asset Services 
Our clients know us to be bold.
They trust us to be innovative. 
They understand that we have the background—and the confidence—to implement strategies tailored to their needs. 
Meridian Asset Services
Integrated Solutions. Tailored Strategies. Optimal Outcomes.
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