Real Estate Services
      REO Asset Management
           • Experienced Asset Management Team
            • Exceptional Agent Network
            • Comprehensive Repair Program
            • National Inspection Program
            • Title and Closing
            • Auction Management
            • Rental Strategies          
    Valuation Services
           • Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)
            • Property Value Reconciliations
            • Appraisals
         • Appraisal Reviews

Loan Services
    Due Diligence
            • Credit Underwriting
            • Quality Control
            • Regulatory Compliance
            • Data Verification
            • Contractual Breach & Claim Reviews
            • Pre-acquisition Analytic Services
    Portfolio Management and Servicer Oversight
            • Portfolio and Asset Level Strategy Evaluations
            • Identification of Loan, Property and Servicing Exceptions
            • Loss Mitigation Services: Oversight and Campaign Management
            • Asset Level Reviews and Economic Approvals
            • Servicer Audits and Reviews
            • Government Program Refinance and Modification Transaction Audits
            • Servicing Transfer Oversight

Technology Services
    Data Management
            • Servicer Data Aggregation and Normalization
            • Automated Daily Data Feeds
            • Integrity Checks and Audits
            • Data Deficiencies Cured
            • Aggregation of Data from a Rich Store of Sources
    Loan and REO Oversight Management Software
            • Web-based
            • Customizable
            • Template and Ad-hoc Reporting

Meridian Asset Services
Integrated Solutions. Tailored Strategies. Optimal Outcomes.
By supporting services from inception to disposition, the Meridian Business Model eliminates fragmentation and provides clients with
a cohesive, one-stop solution.
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